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Our Vision

Is to be the most admired and preferred global player in multilingual language learning for Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime. Languafina is a language solution for anybody, anywhere and anytime across the globe with an excellent standard of learning and delivering the best.

Our Values


We show respect for and value all individuals; and demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics.


We are passionate about our business, our brand and our delivery. We value, promote and fiercely protect our reputation.


We love success and strive to be the best; have a “can do” (positive) attitude and drive to get the job done.


We strive to deliver something that’s above and beyond what’s expected. We differentiate our self, by being a little unconventional and innovative.

Our Story

Languafina is an institution born out of the passion to support one and all in their quest to achieve their goals and to make language no more a barrier between them and their dreams. In order to make language learning effortless and to reach every corner of the country, we as the digital English language learning providers, provide a quality and holistic service. Languafina advises students and learners and helps them reach their goals.

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Harpreet Singh Bhatia

Mr. Harpreet Bhatia is an engineering graduate and holds a Master’s degree in Business administration specialised in Human Resources Management, who has an illustrious career spanning more than few decades contributing to training, research & consultancy. It was his inner zeal and passion that made him to work over years as a faculty mentor in various academic institutions sharing his learnings on the Interpersonal Skills, Managerial Effectiveness, Team Building, Motivation, and Leadership.

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Puneet Chaudhary
Director Operations

Mr. Puneet Chaudhary is an Engineering Graduate and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science, who has a relentless experience over 2 decades as a highly innovative and result-oriented organizational leader in various top management & leadership roles. His areas of expertise include Corporate Management, Business and Organizational Development, Training and Learning Management Systems.

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