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With LANGUAFINA’s specially designed IELTS Programme, students are evaluated at the start of the course by conducting diagnostic assessment and accordingly the sessions are planned. LANGUAFINA offers the most comprehensive IELTS training; and our programmes are crafted to give sufficient practice to students in the techniques needed for taking the IELTS test with full confidence. Our focused training gives the candidates a strong base in English, with which they are able to score the highest band score in IELTS. We take pride in our students’ achievements and love to make them be the best possible version of themselves they can be by acing their exam. Our course is affordable enough and hence provide everyone with the opportunity to achieve the desired band score by being taught by the best teaching staff available in the region.Our online intensive IELTS training program is designed in such a manner that reaps the best result.


LANGUAFINA specializes in providing training program for both paper-based and computerized version of the exam.


Duration of the Course: LANGUAFINA provides a two months intensive training program to clear the IELTS certification with a distinctive band score. A student may opt for a shorter/longer duration as per their requirement and understanding of the exam. Apart from this, we provide group trainings as well as one-on-one sessions as per your convenience.

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