Frequently Asked Questions


The methods adopted at LANGUAFINA are advanced and well researched which, in turn, helps each student’s individual requirement. Interaction and involvement are key aspects that our organization focuses on; and when these aspects are applied with the greatest of techniques that our trainers specialize in, they help in reaping great results. Our sessions are mainly one on one which provides a better understanding to the students.

Payment can be made through different options such as Debit/Credit Cards, E-wallets, Net banking, Cash, or Cheque.

Feedbacks are always welcome at LANGUAFINA. Students can share their feedback on sessions as well as can give suggestions for tutorials. One can always contact at our enquiry number to give feedback. Moreover, students will be asked to give feedback during their course.

Yes, for Spoken English, we do have the option to make payment in three EMIs. However, for IELTS/PTE/ TOEFL, student has to make full payment at once.

The trainers at LANGUAFINA, are certified and well-trained in their field. The teaching methods adopted by them help students achieving the desired results and help them in succeeding with their own individual efforts as well.

Batch timings are from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. However, if required, the last batch can be extended till 9:00 p.m. as well.

At the end of the course, you will be well-versed in the English language and will be legible to make use of it as per your requirement and desires. Communicating confidently will become an easy task for you.

LANGUAFINA may be providing the same services as other institutes at a more expensive rate but that at the same time ensures excellent quality. We, at LANGUAFINA believe that no amount of money is equivalent to good quality education. The combined services provided at LANGUAFINA are higher in quality and value in the current market as compared with other institutions. Hence, choosing LANGUAFINA would be a smarter choice for you considering your individual long-term goals and aspirations.

Spoken English

As of now, every session is of 30 minutes. However, different duration modules are being designed. Hence, the students will be given options for different time durations.

Yes, LANGUAFINA provides demo classes to all its potential students before the registration process.

Yes, definitely! Not only will a learner be provided with sufficient material at LANGUAFINA each day for practice, but, he/she will also have unlimited access to practice material available on our website.

Trainers at LANGUAFINA specialise in phonetic training; helping learners get rid of the mother tongue influence that they carry in their speech.

Our regular assessments throughout the course and feedback during the sessions will help you measure your progress.

Yes, of course! LANGUAFINA’s Spoken English on-call aims to break the psychological barrier with practice, immediate feedback, and personal support. Practicing with a personal trainer helps develop English speaking skills much faster than any other group classes, audios, apps, or videos. Our telephonic practice sessions are fully personalized and designed for a class size of 1. At LANGUAFINA, YOU are the focus of all course material and all the trainer’s efforts.

The specialty of this course at LANGUAFINA is that classes are conducted via audio calls. Hence, students can still learn even without any access to the internet.

LANGUAFINA’s Spoken English course on call is designed and structured in a way to give a personalized experience to the learner i.e. with a class size of 1. Yes, you read that right. It’s a personalized class wherein all attention and focus remain on improving YOUR English.

The assessments at LANGUAFINA are designed especially for this purpose wherein the learner will be evaluated on his/her current knowledge in Spoken English to categorise him/her into Beginner or Advance course accordingly.

Hesitation is a by-product of a lack of confidence. Our trainers help in building up a student’s confidence; as it is an integral part of spoken English.

This course is for everyone who aspires to converse in English correctly and confidently. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a working professional or a housewife, if you have the willingness to learn, this course is for YOU!

For queries related to fee, you can call at +91

Yes, LANGUAFINA provides flexible working hours to the students enrolled in this course. Thus, evening/weekend slots will be available as per your requirement.

There is no set qualification for learning. Hence, anyone and everyone who is eager and willing to learn can enroll in this course.

English Learning on phone is really effective as it builds your English skills exactly the way great English communicators have built theirs – by PRACTICE. Also, one on one class sessions at LANGUAFINA brings up your specific learning needs and challenges to the front. This enables the trainer to help you remove all that is stopping you from speaking well.

No. It is a practice session. Focus all your attention on participating in the session and speaking as much in English as you can. LANGUAFINA will provide you all the content, which will help you in the future as well


Yes, LANGUAFINA provides demo classes to all its potential students before the registration process.

At LANGUAFINA, classes will be conducted through live sessions through the online mode.

LANGUAFINA, provides both one on one sessions as well as group sessions as per your requirement. However, you can choose any of the options as per requirement.

LANGUAFINA provides training sessions for both paper-based as well as computerised versions of the exam.

Yes, definitely! You will be provided with sufficient study material at LANGUAFINA at regular intervals for practice.

Yes, LANGUAFINA provides flexible hours to all its students throughout the day as per your convenience and requirement.

Regular mock tests will be taken throughout the course duration to track your improvement.

Yes, the mock tests created by LANGUAFINA are real-time tests to give you a test environment.